Pre-Calculus 2019 – 2020

This course requires a graphing calculator. (Click for recommended calculator)

Required Textbook:  Glencoe Advanced Mathematical Concepts



9/9:  Systems of Equations

9/11:  Systems of Equations with 3 Variables

9/16:  Matrices

9/18: Determinants & Inverses

9/23:  Systems of Inequalities

9/25:  Review for Test

9/30:  Symmetry

10/2:  Parent Functions & Transformations

10/7:  Graphing Nonlinear Inequalities and Absolute Value

10/9:  Inverse Functions

10/14:  Continuous Functions, End Behavior, Increase/Decrease

10/16:  Extrema and Critical Points

10/21:  Graphing Rational Functions

10/23:  Review for Test

10/28:  Polynomials

10/30:  Solving Quadratics

11/4:  Synthetic Division & Remainder Theorem

11/6:  Rational Zeros

11/11:  Rational Equations

11/18:  Roller Coaster Project Set Up

11/20:  Roller Coaster Q & A

12/2: Radical Equations

12/4:  Regression Lines/Curves

12/9: Midterm Review


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