Required Textbook:  Glencoe Pre-Algebra Click SYLLABUS for Homework Assignments Class Recordings: 9/11: Numbers & Expressions, Order of Operations 9/13:  Variables and Expressions 9/18:  Properties 9/20:  Part 1 - Integers Part 2: Absolute Value 9/25:  Adding Integers 9/27: Subtracting Integers 10/2: Multiplying & Dividing Integers 10/4: Review for Test 10/9: Distributive Property...
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Courses 2018-19

Registration Open for 2018-19   COURSE DESCRIPTIONS Pre-Algebra: This course will place a strong emphasis on the continued study of integers, order of operations, variables, expressions, and equations. Students will solve and graph equations and inequalities, write and solve proportions, and explore geometry, statistics, and graph concepts. Problem solving will be emphasized throughout the...
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