Courses 2019-2020

Quality, live and clear math instruction is important to us, why?

Math doesn't have to be painful. It just needs meaning.

It is good for your brain

The same parts of your brain that you use in math are used in problem solving, focus, and visual attention.

It helps in daily tasks

Without much though math is used in our daily lives.  We use it to tell time, deal with finances and most importantly cook.

Math is the universal language

Sure, math is mostly equations, numbers, and some Greek letters, but math is understood the same essentially all around the world!  A math equation doesn’t need to be translated to another language to be understood by someone on the other side of the world.

So how does it work?

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Pay the registration fee

Click the link at the bottom of the registration form to send registration fee via Paypal.  Registration is also payable by check, details at the the end of registration form.

Instructions will follow in an email

Course details, open house, and first semester calendar will be emailed in late April.